Rapport III Multi-function CCTV Test Monitor

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This is the most versatile CCTV test monitor on the market.  It's manufactured by Wonwoo Engineering (www.wonwoo.com) the originators of this type of tester, and it's supported by their facility in California.  Building on the success of their RAPPORT 337, and Rapport-II CCTV testers, Wonwoo engineers have completely redesigned the circuitry to increase battery run time to more than 7 hours and replaced the analog display with a sharper all digital LCD display. The Flip-up case is designed to help protect the LCD and Keys, a Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery, and more PTZ protocols.  The Rapport-III is a portable Multifunctional CCTV tester / field service monitor suitable for testing Monitors, DVR's, Cameras (including PTZ's) and network cables. This versatile yet portable battery powered device is also a DMM (Digital Multimeter) and can analyze RS-422 & RS-485 serial data. Network cabling (cat5e or cat6) is graphically tested for shorts and opens. The Rapport III efficiently assists Video Technicians with installation and servicing of CCTV systems. Functions include: 3.5" LCD Field Monitor, Color Bar Generator, UTP cable tester, PTZ communications tester, RS-485 / RS-422 communications protocol analyzer, Digital Multimeter.  test monitor


  • VIDEO TEST MONITOR - Color 3.5" Flip-open LCD video field monitor.
  • VIDEO SIGNAL GENERATOR - Outputs Color Bars, Red, Blue and Green Purity screens. Allows a technician to test video monitors or DVR's. Supports both PAL & NTSC video formats. Color Bar Test Pattern for monitor testing.
  • DIGITAL MULTIMETER - Test & measure AC & DC Volts, Resistance, and tests for Continuity.
  • PTZ CONTROLLER - Control RS-485 / RS-422 PTZ cameras (Pan,Tilt,Zoom and Menu Setup).
  • PTZ PROTOCOL ANALYZER - Analyze the PTZ control protocol traversing the RS-485 / RS-422 Data Lines.
  • UTP CABLE TESTER - Tests and Identifies Direct & Cross connect cables. Tests for Continuity, Discontinuity, and Shorts on UTP cable.

More Details

Supported PTZ Protocols:

  • Pelco D
  • Pelco P (Spectra)
  • Panasonic (WV-CS850)
  • Samsung Techwin (SPD-2500)
  • Samsung Electric (SCC-643)
  • Hitron (Fastrak II)
  • Sungjin (SJ100)
  • Sungjin (SJ1000)
  • Wonwoo Supermacy (DS series)
  • Wonwoo Supermacy (WSJ series)
  • Wonwoo (DRX-500 Protocol, same as D-max Protocol)
  • American Dynamics (AD RS-422)
  • Oriental Electronic (ORX-1000)
  • Dongwong (DY-SP360D - D-max)
  • Dongwong (DY-255RXC - D-max)
  • Dynacolor (DYC)
  • Toshiba (SJ-1000)
  • Hitachi (SJ-100)
  • Kalatel ASCII (KTD-312)
  • Kalatel Digiplex
  • LG-Multi
  • TOA
  • BBV
  • VCL TP
  • VRS422-N
  • VRS422-E
  • Yujin-PD


Supported Baud Rates:

  • 2400 Baud
  • 4800 Baud
  • 9600 Baud
  • 19,200 Baud
  • 38,400 Baud
  • 57,600 Baud
  • 115,200 Baud



Price: $524.00
Defender 82-14040 / Securitest 33-891